Ocean Breeze

Lemon Jeffery Preroll

Hybrid THC: 17.3%


Photo of Lemon Jeffery Preroll

(Lemon Skunk x Golden Goat) Sativa Dom Hybrid Powerful Focused Lemon Candy As time goes on the lifestyle of a Sea Captain goes from routine to wild. A catch of a life time could be considered a full boat load of Swords or it could be a lifelong friendship. When the Captain ran into Rasta Jeff it was one of those ���lifetime catches���. On the coldest darkest mornings there has to be an energizing way to go about yourself and lead the way. A mind accelerating focus fueled Sativa named after the legend himself Lemon Jeffery is a perfect coffee break companion. The crew will love the sweet and sour lemon candy terps and the high energy THC delivered will make them focused and chipper throughout the long day. A strain for everyone to get the job done. A giant Cultivar that makes huge dense flavorful buds and a fantastic extractor be sure to keep the Jeffery in your personal rotation

Photo of Lemon Jeffery Preroll


  • Calm
  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Relaxed